Odds stop time on their comeback single, “Crash The Time Machine”

Singer and guitarist Craig Northey and his fellow Odds – bassist Doug Elliott, drummer Pat Steward, and guitarist Murray Atkinson – may be firmly rooted in the present, but they certainly know a thing or two about the past. Founded in 1987, Odds burst onto the recording scene in 1991 with their rambunctious, self-produced major label debut, Neopolitan.

After a 10 year break since their last release, their new album Crash The Time Machine is a welcome comeback, a vibrant painting of struggle and the community that both feeds it and transcends it. The band goes in new and exciting musical directions while retaining the dark ironic signature that has earned them a place in the hearts of listeners for over three decades. The album will be released August 4th.

In the words of Aldous Huxley and Jesus Jones, the title track “Crash The Time Machine” may be summed up in three words: “be here now.” There’s anger and sadness pouring out as you get carried away by the rock ‘n roll, and it truly represents Odds exploding out of themselves that day that they wrote it.

Listen athe title track, “Crash The Time Machine,” from their upcoming LP here: