A Powerful Debut Release By Lux Beauregard: “Fireworks”

By : Magdalena Sznigir

The debut release of the talented singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard, “Fireworks,” is a genuinely mesmerizing release aimed at producing deep feelings for the listener. The artist goes into full inspiration mode with this song, unlocking various emotions of her reality, and most importantly, coming to terms with it and allowing the audience to go through that process with her. 

A fiery release offering a mature outlook of the human experience where one tries to stay in touch with their inner world. Mixed feelings and the struggle to maintain inner peace are what are explored in this lyrical masterpiece. The year 2020 indeed had a significant impact on Lux, and we can see that impact in full display in “Fireworks”.

She mentioned, “You can fall in love while the world is falling apart, though. Somehow, those emotions can exist together. I wanted to make a song that expressed that idea and sounded both as heartbroken and hopeful as 2020 has made me feel.” Yes, indeed, the song entraps all the emotions we experienced throughout 2020. We felt alone, trapped, dismantled in an array of emotions we all faced, no matter where we found ourselves on the globe. 

The heart will still fall in love regardless of the hardships—a positive image embedded in the dramatic reality. The message is that we shouldn’t lose hope and still strive for what the heart desires. 

Enjoy Lux Beauregard’s latest release, “Fireworks,” and be sure to check out her social media: InstagramSoundcloud