Adventure Club & Nurko ft. Dayseeker ‘Colorblind’

Electronic duo Adventure Club – made up of Leighton James and Christian Srigley – has built an empire within the electronic dance community. Following their latest release, “Rumba” a track of pure unbridled joy, the pair is back to dominate the music landscape once again with their latest release, “Colorblind” madein collaboration with Dayseeker. The track opens with intimate lyrics. creating the kind of song you can take anywhere: meticulously crafted and comfortably danceable, ready to serve the biggest festival slots and uppermost playlist spots with instant, exhilarating thrills. “Colorblind” is nothing but promising, with several moments peppered throughout that deserve the full smoke-and-lasers treatment. It’s a further twist to a successful recipe the duo are renowned for, a track primed for your playlists!

Listen to “Colorblind”