After Midnight In Macedonia, Kitt Wakeley’s Latest Masterpiece Is Titled “Conflicted” Featuring Joe Satriani

By : Magdalena Sznigir

After getting global recognition with his previously released album, Midnight In Macedonia, songwriter and composer Kitt Wakeley’s latest masterpiece is titled “Conflicted,” and features American rock legend, composer Joe Satriani. This epic composition is released ahead of the upcoming album, Symphony of Sinners and Saints, scheduled for release in May, 2021. 

Recorded with the London Philharmonic and London Voices at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, Symphony of Sinners and Saints will feature world renowned artists including Joe Satriani, Paige Harwell, Brent Berry and Ryan Miller. With a promise to surpass his fans expectations, Kitt Wakeley’s new album took several years of work to finally stand at its final stage of completion, with “Conflicted” being the first single unveiled. 

Transcending all genre boundaries and expectations has always been Kitt Wakeley’s motto in music, as he loves merging rock with a hybrid of orchestra, EDM, and piano to produce mesmerizing compositions that have been praised all around the world, especially when performed live.

Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Motley Crue, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Steve Vai, and Dr. Dre are some of the iconic names who have worked with Kitt Wakeley in the past, so audiences can expect Wakeley’s most powerful collection of tracks to be released under the form of the upcoming album, Symphony of Sinners and Saints.

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