Baiuca Teams Up With Rodrigo Cuevas on “Veleno” Out Now

The Second and Imposing Preview of Baiuca’s Forthcoming LP Embruxo

There is no more effective potion in the world than “Veleno’‘ by Baiuca and Rodrigo Cuevas. A few weeks after the release of the first single “Luar,” Baiuca returns with the follow up and second single from his highly-anticipated album Embruxo. Sonically, Embruxo is the alliance between traditional music and avant-garde electronic music. The new single “Veleno” is infectious and will spread through your body throughout the duration of the song. Listen to the single at

Watch the music video:

Sung in Galician, Asturian, and Spanish, “Veleno” is an illustrious collaboration between Baiuca and Asturian artist Rodrigo Cuevas. In the recovery and resignification of the codes of traditional Iberian music, Cuevas was instrumental in taking it to new territories.
The space in which the Galician Baiuca and the Asturian Rodrigo Cuevas manage to operate in on “Veleno” is an authentic ritual that bewitches us on the first listen. The song’s structure fits as close to that of a traditional pop song as it does to northern Iberian tribalism. “Veleno” can be described as folktronica on a global downtempo vacation.
“Veleno” is a track that brings listeners closer to unexplored territories, while exposing them in a mixed space and positions. Embruxo, Baiuca’s forthcoming new album, serves as a strong candidate to be one of the best and most important albums of the year.
The single features a spectacular video clip by Adrián Canoura who was in charge of the entire aesthetic imagery of Baiuca, including the covers, video clips, promotional images, and the visuals that will be projected in his live shows.
On “Veleno” he showcases his most ambitious production, with both Baiuca and Cuevas as co-stars in an authentic witchcraft ritual. Shot in the north of Galicia, in the areas of Xove and Viveiro, the video captures an imaginary ritual as mystical and piercing as it is surprisingly addictive.
Adrián Canoura himself says this about the video clip:

“It was a challenge to put the imagery of ‘Veleno’ into images, especially since it was a more figurative conception than the previous clips. The idea was to develop the lost history of the famous Manuel, delve into these legends of oral tradition and the construction of the spiritual and immaterial culture that exists in the landscape of Galician folklore, especially of this “human” figure that never ceases to disturb all those who reflect on him”