Agency666 is set for a new release inspired by the Surrealist Movement

Inspired by the Surrealist Movement and its great ambassadors such as René Magritte, Salvador Dali, and David Lynch, Agency666 presents Not To Be Re-Produced.

An individual, six-track collection that seeks to transpose the unnerving imagery of Surrealism into the musical universe through charmingly dissonant, hypnotic, sinister soundscapes glued together with 4×4 functionality.

artist Agency666
title Not To Be Re-Produced
label Psychocharmant Records
date 18th November
format Digital

Tracklist:1. Shyest Dancer
2. Not To Be Re-Produced
3. Pragmatic Fallibilist
4. Permanent Molekül
5. Non-Deterministic Finite-State Machine
6. RGFM P3

Listen to Not To Be Re-Produced