Under the title “Aloha Hey”, Agent Zed presents his modern makeover of the 1991  cult hit “Aloha Heja He” on November 19 via BMG. Featuring two of the biggest  names in German music HBz and Anna Grey



At a time when the Metaverse is at the forefront of conversations, there arises Agent  Zed, a musical entity existing in the digital realm. Agent Zed is a time traveller on a  covert mission and is part of the secret task force operating within the EDM/dance department at BMG. His special mission is to travel back in time to identify the most  successful and popular hits of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, propelling them back  into the charts with an updated sound.

Assisted by renowned pop and electronic artists from across the globe, Agent Zed sits at the helm of the Meta music revolution, a market now worth an estimated 10  billion dollars and showing no signs of slowing. Bringing his uncanny feel for modern  melodies and danceable beats, Agent Zed re-imagines them into exclusive remixes,  edits, and brand-new versions as he becomes the leader in the musical NFT market. 

This release sees the top 5 smash “Aloha Heja He” (a viral TikTok hit in China with  more than 100,000 versions posted by users) transformed into a modern house track  with danceable beats, organic instruments, English vocals, and of course a catchy  earworm chorus. 

“Aloha Hey” is an effortless, club-ready anthem from Agent Zed on which he is  supported by the German DJ and producer duo HBz who boast collaborations with  VIZE, Tokio Hotel, Culcha Candela and FiNCH. The acclaimed north-German singer Anna Grey who could be heard most recently as  the voice of the house and EDM project VIZE, which has received countless gold and  platinum awards for its collaborations with international dance greats such as Felix  Jaehn, Alan Walker, Sam Feldt, TUJAMO, ICONA Pop, and many others.

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