Ahead of US and Ireland, Breakout Funk-Rockers High Fade Shine On New Single ‘Fur Coat’ Tour

Edinburgh Funk-Rock and Disco Trio, HIGH FADE, share the exhilarating, infectious new single ‘Fur Coat’, released ahead of their upcoming Ireland and US tour. Another fine example of the band’s vibrant musicality, the track showcases their ability to capture the same sense of energy they portray live on record. 

Since their formation in mid-2018, HIGH FADE have rapidly emerged as a formidable musical force. Famed for viral videos of the band performing which have exploded online, amassing over 30 million views, the trio have built a feverish fanbase and a reputation as one of the most exciting new funk bands on the scene with their unique blend of funk rhythms, pop melodies and indie-rock undertones. With a relentless drive, they’ve rocked over 1,000 live performances in the past four years and earned recognition from renowned music figures such as Jack Black, Cypress Hill, and Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine.

The new single ‘Fur Coat’ is a fine example of the band’s sound – choppy guitars, driving drums and intense slap bass under the ever urgent, charismatic and intense lead vocal. Intertwining their funk approach with a classic rock swagger, the band balance vibrant songwriting with virtuoso musicianship, showcase their unquestionable ability as performers and writers.

Speaking about the new single, HIGH FADE explain: “Fur coat is one of our favourite tracks to play live. It’s a fast paced, funky, screamer that everyone can sing along to.”

Comprising of Harry Valentino (guitar/vocals), Oliver Sentance (bass), and Calvin Davidson (drums/vocals), HIGH FADE have already hit a number of milestones despite their relative youth as a band: gaining placements across Spotify and Apple music playlists, radio play from BBC Scotland and features in the likes of Earmilk and Music Crowns. With a packed schedule of gigs, including a series of performances across the UK and Scotland this summer, and an eagerly anticipated US tour and Ireland tour on the horizon, their ascent shows no signs of slowing. In addition to securing a deal with premier US booking agency, Wasserman, the trio has established partnerships with prestigious brands such as Ernie Ball, Blackstar Amps, and Suhr Guitars.