Young Rob ‘Afro Lover’

Hailing from London, Ghana-born multi-genre recording artist Young Rob aspires to inspire. Best known for his catchy songs and hooks, he is dynamic and versatile with his musical offerings showcasing his dedication, passion, and everlasting commitment to his profession, paving the route for himself in the music industry. 

Young Rob returns to take you on a captivating journey with his debut album, Afro Lover, as he delves into the complexities of love and personal growth. The hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeat genre-blend offering is the newly released body of work captures the highs and lows of the singer’s life experiences and the raw emotions behind them, topping all off with smooth, seductive vocals that will get anyone buzzing with excitement.

The 13-track album highlights Young Rob’s vulnerable side in a twist of varying emotions. This breathtaking musical odyssey begins with the enchanting and pre-released ‘I Need Your Love,’ featuring talented saxophonist Joko Magic. The beautiful song sets fans up for a tale of ultimate seduction with ‘Mami’ a sizzling song for the dancefloor in which he confesses his love for Latino and Hispanic women.

Of course, Young Rob’s admiration for women goes well beyond Latin America. And he extends his veritable Casanova status to another confessional song, ‘Brown Skin Girls.’ One of his mesmerizing collaborations from 2021 alongside producer, Heaven Boy, the song’s glossy vocals and candied lyrics are enough to seal the deal in welcoming all brown-skinned girls to the party.

Then there is the party-shaking ‘Bo Noor,’ a standout track that promises to steal the show with its body-snatching beat. Done with artists, Samuel G and MikeMillzOnEm, this indelible groove is nothing short of a masterpiece. Young Rob and his fellow compatriots sound amazing, thanks to the producing might of one of Nigeria’s renowned producers, Zibit. ‘Fire’ sneaks in after with its raging tempo. Young Rob’s versatility takes center stage here and is wrapped in an authentic African sound that will have you bobbing your head nonstop thanks to its upbeat production.

What follows next is a powerful collaboration with rising artist, Amuga Temper and the Ewe, singing ‘Mevado’ is the track to beat. ‘Mevado’ captures Young Rob’s triumphant journey through the industry: the highs and lows, which leans much closer to the next song, ‘Otanfo.’ The two’s fates are intertwined, with the latter seeing Young Rob enlist legendary Ghanaian rap artist, Paa Dogo to address his detractors in what closes off as another mammoth of an anthem.

Young Rob dials back the simmering tension thereafter with ‘Mama Africa.’ The track plays like a heartfelt conversation between the diasporan and his beloved home. There are cues to the continent’s history, the singer’s displacement, and instances where he reminisces about his childhood in a manner emphatic of his unwavering connection to his roots. Things only get emotionally intense from here, with ‘Oh Baby’ drifting listeners off into chapters of regret and heartbreak. Producer, Yann Gabriel takes the reins for this one, adding more heft to Young Rob’s emotions in a flavor that is comforting.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions from there on. ‘Moko B3’ sees Young Rob rediscover love with a poignant narrative that will take minds back to the singer’s message even long after it is over. But things take a sour turn on ‘My Baby.’ Easily the album’s most delicate song, ‘My Baby’ lays out Young Rob’s pain and explores feelings of losing one’s true love. The experience is profound, coming on top as an unbelievably sincere cut. 

‘Higher’ works to give renewed hope moving forward. The euphoria of finding a new love brings Belgian-based Ghanaian superstars, Bakilla and Young Rob together as they seek out a “superwoman” of their own the sunny track, produced by Pimps Beat, comes replete with an endearing hook that is too hard to ignore. To wrap it all up, Young Rob taps Vance for the final song, ‘Nothing Like Me,’ bringing home all the album’s diverse emotions together in a chilled package. The Nigerian American artist accomplishes this feat very well, helping Young Rob bring, Afro Lover, to an eventful end. 

“This song is based on true events. After a break up I almost gave up on love. In search for my soulmate who is referred to as my superwoman,” Young Rob comments on the track.

If you’re in for a new album to keep your ears buzzing this month, Afro Lover, is a must-listen. Its ambiance and rollercoaster of emotions make a compelling case fit for anyone who loves music that moves the body, heart, and soul. Don’t miss this captivating musical odyssey by Young Rob.


I Need Your Love ft. Joko Magic


Brown Skin Girls

Bo Noor ft Samuel G x MikeMillzOn’em


Mevado ft AmuGa Temper

Otanfo ft Paa Dogo

Mama Africa

Oh Baby


My Baby

Higher ft Bakilla

Nothing Like Me ft Vance


Young Rob, is a dynamic and adaptable recording artist based in London. He started a new chapter in his life after graduating from secondary school and relocating to the UK. He was born in Accra, Ghana. He was exposed to the alluring sounds of West Coast hip-hop throughout his adolescent years when hanging out with older peers.

Young Rob has always been inspired by music and listened to a lot of artists like 2pac, Westside Connection, The Hot Boyz, and The Lost Boyz while growing up. When he met the producer known as “Ren The Producer” in London, his musical career officially got underway. Ren was essential in helping Young Rob launch his career. Young Rob soon after the release of his debut mixtape, Versatility, began to establish a reputation for himself once the tape was released by performing, networking, and accumulating a following. 

He made his, Still @ It, second project available in 2013. While putting the finishing touches on his debut EP, Young Rob debuted ‘Ghana Baby’, his first afro-beat song. The tracks media gave the Yann Gabriel-produced single, which also features French R&B artist Nabo, a lot of coverage. Since then, he has released his debut EP, ELEVATION, in 2017, his follow-up EP, SANKOFA, in 2018, and a few other songs, including ‘MAMI’ and ‘I Need Your Love’. That energizing and upbeat feeling is brought by his talent for writing songs with memorable melodies that demand the listener’s attention.

With every release, Young Rob shows his dedication, passion, and everlasting commitment to his profession, paving the route for himself in the music industry. He is ready to have a significant impact on the world’s music industry and leave a lasting impression on the hearts of music fans everywhere thanks to his natural skill and limitless potential.

‘Afro Lover’ is available on all streaming platforms.

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