ALPHA 9’s ‘New Horizons’

Today marks the release of ALPHA 9‘s debut album, ‘New Horizons’, almost six years on from the project’s arrival on Anjunabeats.

Artem Stolyarov needs little introduction. He’s been behind some of Anjuna’s biggest hits as both ARTY and ALPHA 9, and many of his tracks have defined the sound of the label. ‘Rebound’, ‘Kate, ‘Before The Dawn’, ‘Zara’… the list goes on.

Focusing on the progressive trance that he fell in love with as a teenager, ALPHA 9 is the alias under which Artem has explored his true musical identity in recent years. ‘New Horizons’ is an exciting look at the project’s history to date, and where it’s heading next.

“ALPHA 9 is my roots. and when we decided to revive the project, we knew we wanted to take it to Anjunabeats” – Artem Stolyarov

An album over three years in the making, ‘New Horizons’ features 14 brand new ALPHA 9 creations. We asked Artem about the inspiration behind some of the tracks on ‘New Horizons’, and here’s what he had to say…

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