ANAKLAV shares BOW-tanic’s remix of “Dirty Dancing”

With “Dirty Dancing” ANAKLAV has shared the follow-up to her debut single “ENERGY”, which was released in March this year and at the same time their second song as a solo artist. Born and raised in Brazil, she took on numerous musical influences in her future work, which she perfectly combines in her contemporary state-of-the-art mix of UK bass, Brazilian bass and slap house. Just in time for the reopening of the clubs, the long-awaited BOW-tanic remix of “Dirty Dancing” will be released on September 24th. The Berlin DJ and producer gives Anaklav’s original version a poppy coat of paint so that not only clubs but also radio stations around the world can easily include the song in their hot rotation.

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With her DIY approach and her crisp vocals, ANAKLAV shows impressively that as an artist she not only has sovereign first-class productions but also a knack for catchy songwriting. The groovy beat is complemented by a shimmering, pressing bassline that runs like a red thread through the arrangement. The sporadic use of short synth melodies and vocal chops complete this impressive second single. ANAKLAV draws from her versatile influences and lets them flow into her productions and songwriting. Her talent undoubtedly makes her a unique artist.

In her second single, in addition to her childhood in Brazil, she also deals with personal anecdotes from her life: “When I was a child in Brazil, the oldest sister of my best friend always told me that“ Dirty Dancing ”was the best film of all time. I later knew she was right. The film reminded me of my childhood, of growing up, of my first love and the relationship between me and my father. This track is an invitation into my world: It is a part of me, my childhood, my accumulated experience and my memories. Both the positive memories, such as the first great love and the negative experiences, such as having a broken heart for the first time, ”says ANAKLAV about“ Dirty Dancing ”.

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