Andrew Bayer’s ‘Duality pt. 2’

‘Duality pt. 2’ is out today, joining ‘pt. 1’ which was released back in August. Over to Andrew for a quick refresher on the ‘Duality’ concept…

“Since day one, I have always struggled with how to present myself. I love making these experimental home-listening albums of electronica and indie sounds, but I also love DJing and making trance bangers. On ‘In My Last Life’, I had to remix it after it was released to make the worlds fit. This time, I wanted to capture all the breadth, depth and tension within that duality in one single project.”

Featuring collaborations with Alison MayOLANRed DragonsKaleena ZandersVök and Grandfather Machine‘Duality pt. 2’ focuses on Andrew Bayer’s forward-thinking club sound.

“With ‘Duality pt. 2’, I intended to make a dance album that feels timeless, forward-thinking, and personal. So many dance records have lost a sense of dynamics both in their mixes and arrangements. Every track is littered with classic synths, and experimental sound design” – Andrew Bayer

You can now hear both parts of ‘Duality’ on your streaming service of choice, and see the full tracklist for ‘Duality pt. 2’ below!