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Transforming New York-style Hip-Hop and making it Tech House

LONDON, April 3, 2020 – After gaining great support for the track with New York rappers STVSH and Jay Critch, open-format DJ Cruz felt like the track had more to it. He hit up ANGELZ, who in his turn, transformed the track into a real tech house banger.

DJ Cruz had already gained support from artists as Tiësto, Avicii and DJ Snake for his tracks in the past. LA-Based DJ and Producer ANGELZ got on board and put his touch to ‘Get A Bag’, creating a tech house version.

The track starts off with a high-tempo tech house-beat and soon after introduces the chorus with its distinguishable melody into the mix. Even though the track finds it roots in the rather raw New York hip-hop, ANGELZ was able to balance the sounds and turn it into a tech-house track, without sacrificing the tracks melody and vocals.

With ‘Get A Bag’, DJ Cruz made his mark on the NYC hip-hop scene, still having close ties to electronic music, the remix felt natural to Cruz. Besides the remix by ANGELZ, DJ Cruz also released a remix by Austin Marc, which leans more towards trap. One thing is for certain and confirmed by DJ Cruz himself, we’ll be hearing a lot more from him in 2020.

Get a Bag (Remixes) - Single [feat. Stvsh & Jay Critch] - Single ...

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From scratching vinyl in underground hip hop clubs at the age of 15, to playing the most exclusive parties and clubs world-wide. What started as a passion in the basement turned into an impressive journey with residencies in cities like Paris, London, Milan, NYC and Dubai, playing events as fashion weeks, Cannes film festival, Art Basel, grand prix celebrations on yachts in Monaco, open airs and festivals. Not only is DJ Cruz one of the most sought after open-format DJs in the game, his own music has gained support from the likes of Tiësto, DJ Snake, AVICII, renowned radio station HOT97 and many more. With many unreleased tracks on his mac, plans to further expand his brand and collaborations with other artists, there is a lot more to come this year!