Anjuna star Yotto joins the Reflections family with his debut downtempo LP ‘Erased Dreams’. First single ‘Silhouette’, out now.

“‘Erased Dreams’ is a soundtrack to an imaginary journey from nowhere to nowhere. Maybe the journey was real and it was erased. Maybe it was a dream. Maybe I actually went somewhere. Nobody knows. It might be lullabies for sleeping or background music for an intergalactic spa.

This music probably reflects my personality more than club music does. I’m a bit shy, but I’ve learnt how to fake that I’m not, and this album is very relaxed, quiet, introvert. I am very happy to stay in the background, so this music reflects my state of mind most of the time.” – Yotto

Pre-order the new album ‘Erased Dreams’

Everybody’s favourite Finn, Helsinki based artist Yotto joins the Reflections family today sharing the first single from his first full-length, low-tempo project ‘Erased Dreams’ with ’Silhouette’, out now.

Pre-order the album now, available digitally and on a limited run of signed 12” vinyl.

Aptly regarded as a man of many sounds by Billboard, Yotto’s ‘Erased Dreams’ also marks Reflections’ debut LP release; an 8 track ambient journey, revealing a new side to one of Anjuna’s most illustrious producers.

Well-known for his thunderous DJ sets and deep, bass-heavy house productions, ‘Erased Dreams’ may seem like a departure from Yotto’s usual style, but he’s always made music like this. With Reflections, he finally found a home for it.

Throughout his sparkling career, which includes a Billboard #1 LP and remixes of tracks by Joris Voorn, Gorillaz and Coldplay, Yotto has produced ambient music to help him look inward and re-charge his creative battery. But when COVID hit, his inner world took over. 

‘At first, I was being really productive with club music. But then after a while I started making something completely opposite.’

Yotto found himself exploring a different form of expression, with no plan other than to create. But when he put the tracks side-by-side in a playlist he recognised a synergy, and the outline of the project began to take shape.

The result is more of a continuous soundscape than an album; an ethereal and dreamy experience designed to accompany the listener as they turn inward and drift away. If club music is a form of escape, then this is too – but instead of turning outward, we lose ourselves inward.

The first single is ‘Silhouette’. It’s a melancholy, atmospheric track with hints of ’80s nostalgia and smooth as glass vocals from Sansa. The track conjures up images of vast and endless landscapes; the sense of space enhanced by sparse chord-changes and field recordings of heavy rain.

‘Silhouette’ is so human it feels like an extension of an emotion, and Yotto says the idea came to him like a dream. A sound drifted towards him one day and he caught it by the tail and built on top of it until it became the entity he envisioned: “it’s slow and steady and it grows. I think the beauty lies in the simplicity of it.”

Club music will always be at the core of Yotto’s work, but his ambient catalogue will no longer sit in the shadows. Together, these parallel forms of expression don’t dilute Yotto’s artistry; they make it even stronger.

‘Silhouette’ is out now on Reflections.