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AREA21 “HELP” Lyric Video

When AREA21‘s huge ‘Spaceship’ track debuted in Martin Garrix’s Ultra Music Festival set in 2016, the dance scene was ablaze with rumors about the track and the project. A slew of big singles followed in the form of ‘Girls’, ‘We Did It’, ‘Glad You Came’ and ‘Happy’.

This new track ‘HELP’ was originally teased on Instagram back in April 2018, and fans have been clamoring for it ever since.

Recently a microsite has been teasing with details of the new single, including hints that led to a phone number with a voicemail announcing the release, raising the anticipation further.

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The spacey theme continues on in ‘HELP’ from previous releases in the lyrics as weighty bass and tight hip-hop beats underpin spacious atmospherics.

The stripped-back feel of the production lets the heartfelt vocal shine in all its emotive glory, with messages of political struggle woven into the mix. The production is as spectacular as you’d expect from an AREA21 release.