ASA 808 explores the roots of awareness, vulnerabilities and bliss on new release

After listening to and working with survivors of torture and war crimes for years, ASA 808 is exploring the roots of awareness, vulnerabilities and bliss in a series of fresh releases that merge impelling drum beats with forward-thinking electronic music, influenced by introverted ambient.

Awakening is the highest bliss, say Buddhists. Like a constant lucid dream, an ecstasy or acid trip of selfless awareness and limitless possibilities. Bliss holds this feeling in a raw, ecstatic and primal drum track that will heat up lots of clubs and festivals this year, while “Rebirth” deals with overcoming trauma and conveys the introverted side of the record.

With a harsh but unavoidable comparison to the lives of people in war zones, in exile or fleeing, the average millennial’s life in central Europe may seem like a constant high. ASA 808 reflects on the freedom our generation took for granted before the pandemic and Russian wars of aggression:

Morning raves at clubs, timeless blissful moments on festivals, sex-positivity, freedom of movement, expression and nonconformity in our daily lives in liberal democracies.

Privileges all humans should be able to enjoy, rights worth fighting for.


A deep in-breath at daybreak
Movement of warm light through leaves

Feeling your throbbing heartbeat

The intense sensitivity of your skin

The flood tide of blood
blustering through your body

Looking forward to a long exhalation

The flood tide between us
Like a cloud-to-cloud discharge
In pulsating indulgence.

Artist: ASA 808
Release: Bliss
Label: TOYS
Format: Digital
Date: 10th June
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1. Bliss
2. Rebirth