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Asbjørn  ‘We & I’. ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Asbjørn has revealed his new single, the anthemic ‘We & I’.

 “We and I is a fuck you but I love you kind of song”, Asbjørn says. “Writing it was like taking back the power over my own heart. Like a personal mantra to celebrate that, despite the heartache, someone finally hit me so hard that being myself was no longer enough; it had to be we instead of I” 

‘We & I’ is the second single to come from the Berlin-based Danish singer this year, following February’s ‘Nothing 2 Lose’. A self-confessed pop nerd, Asbjørn has taken it upon himself to fight for a free male-ideal in pop. He’s armed with some killer dance moves, brutal honesty and BOY PWR!

Asbjørn sweeps away outdated male stereotypes while jump roping in his visionary videos (Nothing 2 Lose: insists that vulnerability is a part of masculinity with self-exposing lyrics about love and boyhood. “The girl power movement resonated with me because I felt different from the boys in school, and I wanted to explore what it meant for me to be a guy in my own way. BOY PWR is about freeing yourself and celebrating the diversity of being male”, he says.

Asbjørn’s story begins as a young boy, standing in his Danish home in front the mirror, performing his favourite songs with homemade choreography. He realised the incredible power of pop music early on. Starting with pop icons from the 90’s including Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and Max Martin, via R&B behemoths such as Destiny’s Child, Missy Elliott and Timbaland, to melancholic modern electronic pop artists like Robyn and Lykke Li, Asbjørn draws multiple influences, which he interweaves into his unusual signature sound. At just 19, he founded his own label, where he independently released two highly acclaimed albums. Today, his videos command millions of views, with almost 40,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Following live performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, Berlin Festival, London’s Ja Ja Ja Festival, and Electronic Beats Festival and extensive touring in Germany, Switzerland and his native Denmark, the 25-year-old Scandinavian is set for another busy summer with lots of upcoming shows to be announced, starting in his hometown Aarhus at SPOT Festival May 12. He is currently working on his upcoming album ‘BOY PWR’.

“We & I” is available now: