ASEC blends cerebral inspiration with hefty beats for BPitch

Berlin-based artist ASEC steps up for the latest release from BPitch. A creative force who is driven by the dance floor, while also maintaining his own personal perspective, ASEC delivers four distinct cuts. Swathed in universally relatable emotion, the inspiration for this release came from “the idea of making decisions that are irreversible and the weight that can come with that. The indecision, the fear and the finality of making difficult choices”.

‘Crossing The Rubicon’ sets the EP off to a galloping start with a contagious rhythm and an unsettling melody. It’s dark, yet utterly danceable, striking a delicate balance between beats and atmospherics. The title track follows, with ASEC’s penchant for modular synths giving the cut plenty of flavour and character. Propelled by snub-nosed kicks and shifting percussion, this is a deep dive into the mind of a considered artist.

Next up it’s ‘Our Light In Momentary Troubles’, a dense composition with thick solid low end frequencies dancing side by side with a gnarly analogue riff. Finally ‘Bleep Test (Tool Mix)’ closes the EP, utilising the power of repetition to ensnare the listener. An utterly hypnotic cut that will keep you hooked to the very end…

artist ASEC
title Your Decisions Come From Fear EP
label BPitch
date 10th March
format vinyl, digital

1. Crossing The Rubicon
2. Your Decisions Come From Fear
3. Light In Momentary Troubles
4. Bleep Test (Tool Mix)