Aspyer ‘Chrome Heart’ [EP] STMPD RCRDS

After an exciting streak of releases, Aspyer is ready to reveal the bigger picture of his output in the last months; his brand new EP ‘Chrome Heart’. Completing the EP, he’s releasing ‘Baby’ today. The track started with a violin melody, explaining the light vibe that can be heard throughout with the vocals beautifully sounding over the notes of the background melody.


Talking about ‘Chrome Heart’ Aspyer said:
‘’Chrome Heart is my first EP representing my project from all its bright musical aspects. As a producer, I’ve always wanted to make different kinds of music, but still keep my identity and this EP fits that description perfectly. I keep experimenting with my sound and share every successful experiment with my listeners.

It seems to me that each track has its own color and shape, I always find the association of shades of music with shades of colors or objects, so the concept of using different shapes, but with a single texture, which became chrome, was born. The name of this mini-album came to my mind very unexpectedly. When the team and I decided on the names for the tracks, I imagined these shapes and thought about how it could be combined into one whole, and I realized that I was sharing a part of myself, so that’s where the name Chrome Heart came from.

I’m extremely grateful to everyone who took part in the creation of this mini-album and I’m glad to share this story with people, it was a hell of an adventure!’’