Au5 Unveils Masterful Melodic Bass Single “Awaken” (feat. NOHC) on Monstercat

Melodic bass tastemaker and Monsteract vet Au5 returned to the label today with his genre-defying new single, “Awaken (feat. NOHC).” Drawing inspiration from trance, dubstep, and future bass, “Awaken” fuses his earliest electronic influences with his modern-day sound. Au5’s meticulous attention to detail is on full display as NOHC’s beautiful vocals sit perfectly in the mix, soaring above the vibrant chords, deep basses, and thumping drums. Having mastered an instantly recognizable sound that evokes emotion and impressive technicality, Au5 has played a formative role in shaping the melodic bass scene whilst paving the way for generations of producers. “Awaken” is a powerful reminder for listeners to look within themselves for inspiration and motivation to overcome the challenges life throws at them. 

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Au5 shares, “The song to me is about the will to find truth in oneself and the world in spite of the challenges and pain that come with it. It is vulnerable, heartfelt, and unrestrained.

Classically trained on the piano since childhood, Au5 has evolved over the years into a leading tastemaker in the melodic bass scene. Known for his masterful sound design, Au5 has paved the way for generations of producers as his iconic synths, kicks, basses, and growls can be heard in countless bass records. His unique productions have led him to tour with Infected Mushroom, Liquid Stranger, and Seven Lions. Taking his new music to the live arena, Au5 is due to perform at Excision’s Lost Lands festival on September 24 and then onto Hollywood’s iconic Palladium with MiTis on September 25.

Au5 Bio

The unmistakable sound of Au5 – futuristic sound design infused with melodic soundscapes. Au5 transports you to a utopian world that’s as vibrant as it is monumental.

Unbounded by genre, Au5 consistently pushes the boundaries of possibility within electronic music. From the stargazers to the neck-breakers, Au5‘s music has something we can all immerse ourselves in. Born and raised in New Jersey, Au5 (Austin Collins) has been a lifelong musician. Trained in classical piano since age four and studying bass guitar and music production since age 13, Austin is a well-rounded composer and music technologist.

He has toured with Infected Mushroom, Liquid Stranger, and Seven Lions. He has been releasing music for over nine years, with over 100 songs released.

“If you’re looking for trendy music, turn away. If you’re looking to embark on a journey, come with me.”

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