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Autograf Announce New ‘Love And Retrograde’ EP

Autograf  ‘Love And Retrograde’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Autograf‘s period of sonic quietude will soon come to an end. The electronic trio, comprised of Jake Carpenter, Mikul Wing, and Louis Kha, have remained silent on the EP release front since 2016’s deeply innovative Future Soup. Autograf’s hiatus from EP production will cease with the impending arrival of the group’s next offering, Love And Retrograde.

“We know we’ve been quiet lately, but it’s almost time to drop out first EP in 3 years,” Autograf wrote in an Instagram post. “We’ve faced personal hardships since our Future Soul EP was released…These misfortunes helped us grow as a group and reignited our love and passion for music. The songs we created in this dusk have brought so much joy and love into our lives. This creative catalyst has propelled us to construct our Love And Retrograde EP.”

Although Autograf have yet to declare a formal release date for Love And Retrograde, listeners will get a glimpse of the EP’s conceptual vision via debut single, “Hold Me Back.” “Hold Me Back” features John Splithoff, and will drop on March 15. Streamers can pre-save the song, here.