Avicii Teases Third Album Three Months After Retiring From Touring

Avicii Teases Third Album Three Months After Retiring From Touring

After announcing his retirement in March, DJ/producer Avicii has been relatively silent on all social media platforms, until now. Over the weekend, Avicii posted to Instagram, stating, “I see that you guys ask a lot about a 3rd album. I like questions.”


This certainly has many avid fans on the edge of their seats, hoping that this teaser becomes true. It has only been a short three months since the Swedish producer performed his “final” show on August 28, completing his residency at Ushuaia Ibiza. Avicii explained to his fans that he was no longer going to tour due to health concerns. He acquired acute pancreatitis due to excessive drinking, which lead him under the knife to get his gallbladder removed. He could no longer keep up with the extremely demanding lifestyle of a DJ, playing approximately 220 shows in a span of 261 weeks. It is too early to tell if Avicii has a third album up his sleeve, but the post definitely leaves room for speculation

Avicii is known to be an extremist when it comes to studio time and claims it is not odd for him to work for more than 60 hours without sleep. With that being said and having so much down time after his last show, it would be no surprise if he comes out of retirement with another Grammy-nominated album.