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Bali Bandits Release “Voulez-Vous” via Musical Freedom

Amsterdam breakthrough duo Bali Bandits are becoming renowned for their dynamic sound, and their latest release Voulez-Vous – out now on Tiësto’s label Musical Freedom – is taking things to a whole new level of fierce.

Download “Voulez-Vous”

A furious future house banger with a breakdown that playfully teases the crowd and gets everyone set for that colossal drop. It’s unpredictable and unashamedly intense; get ready to feel the club floor bounce to breaking point.

Bali Bandits reveal the inspiration behind such a monster track: “Voulez-Vous is a tribute to the infamous French Bearnaise dance. The smooth yet exciting interaction between the male and female dancers inspired us to try to implement a similar tension between the breakdown and drop and we think it turned out perfect. The typical clothes worn during the dance routine were an inspiring factor as well. Also, we like ABBA.”

The Bali Bandits live show is a real-life incarnation of their music box on acid sound, winning them a fast-growing fanbase as well as support from DJ influencers, The Chainsmokers, Don Diabloand TiëstoIt’s a sound that’s so unique, it’s made Martin Garrix, Galantis and Zedd knock on their door for the Bali Bandits remix treatment.

Voulez-Vous by Bali Bandits is OUT NOW on Musical Freedom!