Bass Powerhouse Crankdat Coins New Genre on Second Monstercat Uncaged EP, ‘Slaughter House’

April 14th, 2023 — Heavyweight electronic artist, producer, graphic designer, and touring DJ Crankdat today releases his most genre-bending project to date, the anticipated Monstercat Uncaged EP ‘Slaughter House.’ The seven-track package introduces listeners to a refined style exclusively crafted by Crankdat, injected with a twist of his own electro and bass house production and his signature aggressively energetic stylings. The EP’s title comes from Crankdat’s self-coined genre, mixing electro house with his uniquely mastered production of 4-on-the-floor beats and gritty bass. 

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Lead single “B.T.W. (The Whistle)” jumpstarted the idea of ‘Slaughter House,’ and has been a crowd favourite at his sold-out shows. Inspired by predominant house sounds of Tomorrowland, Crankdat produced “B.T.W. (The Whistle)” on the plane ride there, and immediately played the track at the festival where the crowd went wild. In addition, the EP includes new collaborations with Rated R, TYNAN, and KINDRED. Fans will hear the package live as he gears up to play Tomorrowland, the Monstercat stage at World DJ Festival in South Korea, and more shows to be announced soon. 

Crankdat shares, “This EP is really cool because it’s all of the typical sounds that are in regular Crankdat songs, but exercised in a new medium. The entire EP is electro house, which is a genre that I am not necessarily known for, but enjoy thoroughly.”

Since stepping into the scene in 2016, Crankdat has grown a global fervent fanbase from his eclectic bass palette, graphic design skills, and RECRANK remixes. Uniquely crafting graphic teaser shorts for his releases and visuals on the stage, he proves to be more than just a producer with his multifaceted talents. Lauded for his remixes, he’s amassing an ever-growing social media fanbase, especially on TikTok by going viral with nearly every upload. He has become one of Monstercat Uncaged’s top tastemakers and community favourites with over 61 million streams across his releases on the label, and his track “Ding Dong” becoming the 4th most-voted track on Monstercat’s ‘Best of 2022’ album. This year alone, he’s sold out fourteen headline shows, and is expected to sell out more. Coming off his recent debut performance at ULTRA Music Festival, he is returning to Tomorrowland this summer where fans in Europe can experience the EP live, and has a string of shows to announce soon. 

‘Slaughter House’ EP Tracklist

1. Start Shit w/ Rated R

2. B.T.W. (The Whistle)

3. Ding Dong

4. Move Back (feat. Savage)

5. Power Stone

6. Vexed w/ TYNAN

7. Back To You (feat. KINDRED)

Crankdat Bio 

Gear up. It’s what fuels the Crankdat project to its very core and embodies what Christian Smith is inspiring others to do on a daily basis. In just a few years, the multi-faceted Ohio-based artist has amassed nearly a quarter of a billion total streams, toured 4 continents, and has played hundreds of shows — more than a dozen of which previously held residency in Las Vegas at Hakkasan. His originals and remixes dominate the festival circuit with heavy rinsing from Marshmello, DJ Snake, The Chainsmokers, and many more. Beyond producing and DJing, though, Smith is a true creative. From designing his own artwork to animating and executing his own live show visuals, the Crankdat experience is coming from none other than the creator himself. He is the physical embodiment of what he preaches, having an independent mindset and self-starter mentality that encourages hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

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