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Bassnectar’s “Be Interactive” Charity Donated School Supplies & More At Deja Voom Festival

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This past weekend at the inaugural Deja Voom Festival in the Riviera Maya, Bassnectar and his nonprofit Be Interactive, asked the local community about the best ways they could do good in the area. They focused on supporting underprivileged elementary students, cleaning up ocean trash and raising environmental consciousness among the fans who attended Deja Voom. In addition, in an area that will be greatly impacted by sea level rise, every flight to the event was offset to be carbon neutral.

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Locals pointed the Be Interactive team toward the Ki’in Beh School, who serve underprivileged children from ages 5-12. Deja Voom attendees flew in with 94 backpacks to donate featuring kid-friendly imagery like Black PantherDisney‘s Frozen, astronauts, troll dolls, puppies and more. The team also collected several tote boxes full of pencils, crayons, notebooks and books to engage young readers.

Ocean trash on the local beaches is a big problem. Festival attendees and the Be Interactive team came together to clean up over 560 lbs of trash at UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sian Ka’an. They took a caravan of vans from the resort and worked hard to clean up discarded water bottles, shoes, bottle caps, styrofoam and detritus from the fishing industry that washed ashore in this wildlife sanctuary.

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The festival also included workshops on climate change activism and other consciousness-raising projects, a major donation drive that raised $18k for music education in Los Angeles with Be Interactive Education Grant recipients, Young Producers Group and more.

Be Interactive produces social impact initiatives at all Bassnectar-produced events, and also funds grants for fans to do good in their local communities each quarter, with themes such as Education and LTBGQ+ Support.

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