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BBC Music Will Hold Festival In Place Of Glastonbury

BBC Music

Glastonbury festival in the UK is taking the year off next year so a new fest will step in to keep the brits party going. BBC Music has announced it will host “The Biggest Weekend”May 25th -28th 2018. This fest will be their largest single event to date and they say it will have a lineup similar to Glastonbury.

Director of BBC Radio and Music Bob Shennan said: “BBC Music has a strong history of bringing the nation together for some special moments, and this is the biggest single music event ever attempted by the BBC. We will be celebrating the diversity of music from four different corners of the country, bringing the best UK music to the world and the best global music to the UK.”

The festival will hold approximately 175,000 people, more than Glastonbury. Cheers to BBCfor keeping the summer alive with a festival like this and stay tuned for more info.

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