Before you settle into Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.,’ another full-length album could be on the way


Kendrick Lamar set the internet ablaze this week with the release of his highly-anticipated fourth studio album, DAMN. Teasing the release with “The Heart Part 4” and a fiery lead single “HUMBLE.” Lamar has alluded to a “necessary” piece of music with religious overtones on the way, though just as fans begin to digest what could be a contender for rap album of the year, it seems there may be more to the new record than what meets the eye. In fact, clues point to what could be an entire second album from K. Dot, potentially by the end of this week. The information presented barely fits into the “conspiracy” category as of yet, but if the theory does materialize, we may have another new Kendrick Lamar album on Easter. The Internet has a way of assigning clues and meaning to otherwise innocuous materials, so follow closely, and decide for yourself.


First, the pervading theory postulates that the follow-up album, should there be one, would be titled Nation. The first half arrived today on Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ crucifixion. The second half of DAMNATION could land on Easter, wholly actualizing Lamar’s two-part concept. Now here’s where the conspiracy begins wind.

DAMN.‘s album cover features Kendrick posted in front of a red brick background while the rapper’s Spotify profile picture features him before a blue brick wall. Pair this seeming coincidence with fellow TDE affiliate Sounwave’s recent tweets featuring Morpheus who famously offered The One two small pills, one red, one blue, as the iconic Matrix narrative begins. As it goes in the film, “You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” Circling back to “The Heart Part 4,” Cornrow raps, “I said it’s like that, dropped one classic, came right back. ‘Nother classic, right back. My next album, the whole industry on a ice pack. With TOC, you see the flames, in my E-Y-E’s; it’s not a game.” Does “TOC” stand for “The Other Color?” In the much less disguised spit just before, Lamar informs point black he’s dropping one classic and coming right back with another. Is red versus blue visualizing the Bloods and Crips dichotomy that plays an integral role in K. Dot’s complexion as an artist?

Extensive easter eggs have already been identified, ranging from the LP’s back cover track list anagram, “Death 2 the leader,” to how the “M” in DAMN. could symbolize horns, balanced by NATION’s “O” characterizing a halo. Earlier this year, Future dropped back to back albums in a week. Cornrow Kenny could be primed to do the same thing this week, and he seemingly has his sights trained of Easter. You have the evidence, now you be the judge. Until then, enjoy devouring DAMN.