They say we are the sum total of our experiences. If so, then that would explain why Snad’s (born Shyam Anand) debut release on Sound of Berlin, ‘Dog Daze EP’, sounds the way it does. When you take a producer who has one foot in Chicago and another one in Berlin, this is what you get: two detailed, cheeky house cuts that blend the spirits and unique characters of the world’s club capitals.
Built on a solid foundation of deceptively simple bouncy bassline and four-to-the-floor with subtle congas thrown in, Snad’s jazzy chord progressions played on Ensoniq ESQ-1 and vinyl distortion effects of Strymon Big Sky capture the true essence of what deep house is all about: emotionally evocative, melodically rich, and deliciously funky.

Staying true to its nature, the playfulness of the EP extends to the creative process too. “I made Dog Daze while I was at my parent’s place in Malvern, Pennsylvania. We had just gotten a puppy a few months prior, so it was an ode to watching her grow up.” And judging by the nickname (‘a pandemic jam’) he has given the second track of the EP, ‘Postcard’, lockdowns and social distancing haven’t managed to stop the creative juices flowing over in Pennsylvania.
Subtly shifting the energy and mood, Snad’s ethereal textures provide a breezy, sun-kissed house with a hypnotic edge. The hazy space between the deep and tech house offers the proper tools for creating euphoric danceable moments. With these two cuts, Snad honours the deep-house genre and harnesses its healing potential for the dance floor.

Shyam “Snad” Anand launched his musical career at 14 in a bedroom near Philadelphia, USA. Now 28, based out of Berlin again, Snad is unswervingly establishing himself amongst elite global House and Techno Producers and DJs. 
Snad cut his teeth on Chicago’s WNUR 89.3 Streetbeat Radio. Shortly after his tenure at WNUR, he shifted to Berlin and had the opportunity to play vinyl only sets at legendary clubs and underground events world over, including the world renowned Golden Pudel in Hamburg, Heidegliihen, Club der Visionaere & Sisyphos in Berlin, KB18 in Copenhagen, Hot Mass in Pittsburgh, Flash Club in Washington DC, Marble Bar in Detroit, Spybar in Chicago, Pistil in Seoul, TAG in Chengdu, Yu Yu in Mexico City, Papaya Playa Project in Tulum and Tao Terraces in Bangalore to name a few. 

Snad continues to spend most of his time in the studio, producing numerous forms of house and techno both alone and with friends such as Jakob Seidensticker (Wareika) and Boronas (Square Room Heroes) together under their alias Mothership. His release catalogue boasts an extensive track record marked by exclusive vinyl releases for labels such as Smallville Records, Minibar Music, Running Back, Kimochi & Balance. Looking to the future, Snad started a new project We R The Aliens with Jakob Seidensticker, Boronas and Melina, now on its third release. Following up sold out solo EP’s for Brooklyn based Deep Club, Chicago’s Kimochi, Hamburg based Feuilleton and Brawther’s Courtesy of Balance, Snad’s 2022 is off to a great start with a Mothership EP on Minibar, and appearances on Dungeon Meat, Balance and a remix for Seafoam alongside an ambient-ish album for KM4.5 and the launch of his new alias Spandrel via Pittsburgh’s esteemed Terrafirm imprint. Keep your ears to the street…!