Biphony shine on bouncy alt-pop bop ‘Gemini’

Rising London queer pop duo Biphony return with a brand new track with the arrival of ‘Gemini’ due this July. 

 They say: “Gemini was created through a mutual want between us to create an infectious song, with a bassline to jump to, that would stick inside of anyones head. The lyrics centre around the push and pull motions of relationships. And the addiction to affection, regardless of the toxicity. The entire song is a metaphor, that refers to the vocalists Samuel’s zodiac sign.”

As true Gemini nature is that of a twin, with similar yet opposing traits, the song explains how easy it is to become addicted to someone yet know they’re not good for you. And so, because of the Gemini sign, a decision to leave is hard, ensuing a want for love yet bringing on the thoughts of a lack of self worth. However, once realised, creates a sense of stupidity in the mind.


BIPHONY is a Pop/Dance duo made up of queer singer/songwriter Samuel Pack and straight producer/DJ Brandon Lake, hailing from London, Uk. 
 BIPHONY‘s unique sound attributes Samuel’s vocals to his catchy, melodic, ear worm songwriting and blends it perfectly with Brandon’s infectious synth bass lines, signature kick and unparalleled production style. Together the pair create a euphonic sound that reaches the realms of many different sub-genres, mainly however, dominating the pop/dance category. 

BIPHONY boasts that they are ‘a union of two worlds, thought to be different, but in reality, very much the same’. Adding ‘We make dance music that gets stuck in your head’. Their Debut single ‘Look at Me Now’ was highly anticipated and gained the support of multiple radio stations, peaking at #23 in the iTunes Main Chart and #9 in the iTunes Dance Chart, as well as being playlisted on several well known radio stations across the UK and the USA.

Gemini / 15 July