Blinders ‘Blind Love’ STMPD RCRDS

Picking up right where he left off in 2021, Blinders is starting the new year right and treating us all with a brand new track ‘Blind Love’. Presenting a darker and deeper sound, ‘Blind Love’ is completely different to any previous output from Blinders, creating a moody, semi-techno vibe combined with his signature sound. Inspired by underground music, clubs and culture, it’s a track that would definitely not misstand in underground clubs.


‘Blind Love’ yet again comes with a captivating conceptual story created, directed and animated by Blinders himself. The previous two releases ‘Pressure (Wanna Feel Good)’ and ‘Body Burner’ started the story, and ‘Blind Love’ is the missing puzzle piece to connect all of them together, presenting the viewers with an inside look of Blinders’ artistic vision. 

Leaking the tracklist of a supposed EP that’s coming up on his socials, Blinders is keeping everyone on their toes.