After a long silence, Blinders is back with a bang: a 6 track strong EP: RAV APPEAL. Dropping tracks and hints over the past week already, ‘Lost Control’ is the fourth single that comes with the release of the full EP. Previous releases ‘Pressure (Wanna Feel Good)’, ‘Body Burner’ and ‘Blind Love’ can also be found on the EP, alongside two other brand new tracks. 


‘Lost Control is a unique mixture of electro with fast techno and deep house moments. Inspired by hard acid fast techno, the percussion spine with a deep kick on top perfectly complements the soft female vocal which is only accompanied by an electro-inspired synth of an aggressive bassline. The lyrics speak about powerlessness in difficult situations, and the aggressive bassline and 135 BPM speed make ‘Lost Control’ a true rave banger. 

The track is a continuation of the story that the previous releases have started in true Blinders style. For the EP Blinders created a compelling storyline that is portrayed in the music as well as the accompanying music videos which the multi-faceted artist all created, directed and animated himself. 

Showing his new and other side, the EP is filled with house, tech house and techno tracks that make his producer skills shine. The inspiration behind the EP was to create dance and rave bangers that can be played at clubs and festivals all over the world when the pandemic is over. The tracks on “RAV APPEAL” are different from previous releases, but all still have the Blinders signature sound and energetic flavor.


  1. Pressure (Wanna Feel Good) 
  2. Android Dance 
  3. Body Burner 
  4. Lost Control 
  5. Rav Appeal 
  6. Blind Love