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BLR & NBLM “Don’t You Love This Feeling” AFTR:HRS

Two cutting-edge artists, BLR & NBLM, have unveiled their debut collaboration. The innovative single from this pair showcases a mysterious effort with a delightfully progressive slant.
Don’t You Love This Feeling captures a tentative sound, which is gradually overridden by the powerfully juxtaposed and undeniably tranquil vocal from NBLM.

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BLR is a Dutch DJ/producer that was thrust onto the scene after Tiesto teased his first ever release. Nungwi was also given the honour of being the opening track on Tiesto’s AFTR:HRS imprint.

After sharing this dynamic and exotically influenced tune, BLR gained huge support from key tastemakers worldwide. He continued to deliver a series of heaters and went on to rack up over 85 million YouTube streams on his injection of future house, Taj.

Fairly new on the scene, NBLM are a band that’s demonstrated sophisticated skill with a vocal-heavy entrance, Here With You. This was shortly followed by emotively driven release, Imagine, which garnered over 10 million streams after reaching number 1 in Europe.

Both alluring singles showcase a pop-tinged, unquestionably catchy vocal. Their work always displays an ability to deliver a beautifully simplistic landscape, implemented with grace. Over their career, NLBM have experimented within dance music realms through collaborations with well-known producers such as Chuckie, Brian Cross, Randy Jackson and Bolier.

BLR & NBLM have successfully created a fresh house staple, laced with an intoxicating and dangerously redolent atmosphere.

Don’t You Love This Feeling is a bold track immersed in confident percussion. The sleek and majestic melody is married with distinctive elements from two artists who are building solid reputations in the industry.