Body Ocean Releases ‘Dotted Line’ EP via Dirtybird Records

Today, house duo Body Ocean releases their new Dotted Line EP, out now via Dirtybird Records. 

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A bold two-track offering that embraces the wonky sounds and off-kilter tones that embody the Dirtybird brand, Dotted Line showcases the multi-dimensional stylings of Body Ocean. The titular track is a rhythmic slow-burner, rolling with syncopated synth melodies that bounce off a motley of percussive elements. Its companion, ‘Yes Sir’, takes a softer approach as it envelops the listener in long, wavy synth stabs, inserting eccentric accents as a nod to the duo’s unconventional nature. Together, these two tracks represent the sonic dichotomy explored throughout Body Ocean’s catalog. 

Regarding the EP, Body Ocean said, “In Summer 2022, we were reunited after almost 3 years apart due to Covid. It was a very exciting time, it had been too long between hangs and studio sessions. The very first two tracks we wrote were ‘Dotted Line’ and ‘Yes Sir’. We gave ourselves the freedom to just explore, and didn’t try and make songs that fit within a preconceived mold or sound. And this is what came out. So we’re thrilled that they’re seeing the light of day, and even more excited that it’s on our bucket list label Dirtybird.”

Body Ocean is the bicontinental duo formed by drum & bass legends Nik Roos, formerly of Dutch trio NOISIA, and Jeremy Glenn, ½ of The Upbeats. Hailing from the Netherlands and New Zealand respectively, Body Ocean have collaborated with What So Not and released on labels like mau5trap, STMPD, Mad Decent, Night Bass, and Box of Cats. Arriving on the scene in 2020, the collaborative house project from the drum & bass musicians was inspired by the energy they experienced at Dirtybird parties. With Dotted Line, Body Ocean’s story comes full circle as they mark their debut on Dirtybird.

Body Ocean invites the flock to the wavy sounds of their new Dotted Line EP out now. 

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