Booka Shade invite Michael Feiner and Zoo Brazil to Blaufield Music as the two combine for ‘Face To Face’.

Two longstanding members of Sweden’s electronic music scene, synth enthusiast Michael Feiner and prolific globally renowned producer Zoo Brazil continue to showcase their talent across a broad spectrum of genres and sounds. Having been close friends for over two decades, the two countrymen now combine for the first time as they head to Booka Shade’s Blaufield Music imprint with their collaborative single ‘Face To Face’.

“After being friends for over 20+ years, we finally got together in the studio to make our first song together. As we both are into vintage studio gear and analog synths, the song started as a jam in Michael’s studio tweaking synths, and suddenly we had a good starting point of a song, with more to come…” – Zoo Brazil

A sonically rich and brooding production, ‘Face To Face’ brings a delicate balance of driving synths and sweeping melodies offset by soft vocals and refined percussion arrangements, while the ‘Dub’ mix takes on a more stripped-back and raw approach with tough kicks marrying with tunnelling basslines.

Michael Feiner & Zoo Brazil ‘Face To Face’ drops via Blaufield Music on 9th December 2022.


1) Face To Face (Original Mix)
2) Face To Face (Dub Mix)