Booka Shade & Rashid Ajami Memories (Remixes) (incl. Satin Jackets, Rashid Ajami & Melora Remixes)

Booka Shade and Rashid Ajami welcome new remixes of their collaboration ‘Memories’ on Blaufield Music as Ajami turns in a fresh take alongside interpretations from Satin Jackets and Melora.

Having revealed their first ever collaboration earlier this year, Blaufield Music bosses Booka Shade and rising London-based talent Rashid Ajami revisit the excellent ‘Memories’ as renowned talent Satin Jackets, new name Melora, and Ajami himself turn in fresh takes on the production.

Opening the package, Satin Jacket’s take welcomes a blissful combination of slow blooming melodies alongside rich basslines, before Ajami’s ‘Reflection Mix’ takes the production down a winding path as he builds on its core melodies with sweeping synths and impactful stabs. Up next, Melora’s interpretation places the original’s vocal at the heart of things before diving into an emphatic, warping journey, with the EP rounded out with an inclusion of the original track to close things full circle.

Booka Shade & Rashid Ajami ‘Memories’ (Remixes) drops via Blaufield Music on 8th October 2021.


1. Memories (Satin Jackets Remix)
2. Memories (Rashid Ajami Reflection Mix)
3. Memories (Melora Remix)
4. Memories (Original Mix)