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Brooke Law “Home”

Home - Single by Brooke Law | Spotify

London-born British singer and songwriter, Brooke Law, releases a hard-hitting and highly emotive new single, ‘Home’, for Christmas 2020, with 100% of proceeds going to UK  Charity, Crisis.  

Brooke, has been hugely influenced by her diverse multi-ethnic family all her life and has  exceptionally strong family unit and values. Living in London, she has been moved by the effects of the current crisis that has affected so many individuals and families, leading to  increased homelessness, poverty and loneliness.  


“I can’t imagine not being home at Christmas with my family and the thought of being all  alone or unable to be comforted by loved ones at such a difficult time really affected me. I  just felt that I could be doing more to help someone less fortunate than I am,” says Brooke.  

It is from this bedrock of family ‘unity-through-diversity’, strength, and positive action that  motivates Brooke to express her values and beliefs through her music and that inspired the lyrics for Home, a song that poignantly conveys the sadness of finding yourself apart  from a loved one at Christmas.  

“There are 320,000 homeless people in the UK, and we can all give a gift of a Crisis  Christmas to give a homeless person a home on Christmas day. I hope that my song will not only reach out emotionally to those in need, but will also provide some practical help  through donations,” she said. 

No one should be homeless and alone this Christmas. Change someone’s life  this Christmas. Your donation direct to Crisis or via the download or purchase of “Home”,  could help someone take the first step towards leaving homelessness for good. More info  at:  

“Home” is currently available worldwide and can be downloaded/purchased on your favourite streaming platform. 

About Brooke 

Brooke started song-writing at the age of 15, studied a music degree at the Institute of  Contemporary Music, during which time she began writing with leading producers who have  worked with Ellie Goulding, Dua Lipa and Lana Del Ray. 

She is the epitome of a fun, driven, empowering, caring and above all gutsy. Her music  encompasses an era of awareness and empowerment very prevalent today, but is equally  influenced by the likes of Janis Joplin, Annie Lennox, and Sia. 

In 2019 she was selected by BBC Asian Network and BBC Music Introducing Essex as one  of their ‘Artists to Watch’. Her music has received regular airplay across the BBC Network,  whilst featuring on instore radio playlists globally, plus a cumulative stream total of 600k on  Spotify and 360k views of her music videos on VEVO/YouTube. 

Pre-Covid-19, Brooke had been giving electrifying performances on both the London  nightlife scene and in some of the UK’s favourite music venues. This year has of course  been very different, but her music continues to be played on YouTube and downloaded via  Spotify.