Help keep Egg LDN open – The London club announce Crowdfunder in order to stay open…

Egg London (@Egg_Club_London) | Twitter

Egg LDN announce Crowdfunder in order to stay open…

Earlier today Egg lDN announced it needs our help to keep Egg London alive. They need to raise £200,000 so they can survive til the doors open once again. 

Any donation will help Egg massively and with your support we can easily hit the target. Egg have given us great memories over the last 17 Years,  please help them and they’ll  give you even more great moments over many more years to come! Donate link here, check out the rewards:

Why are we crowdfunding?
Egg London have been apart of the music industry in London for the last 17 years, we’re crowdfunding because we need your help to save our venue, like many other venues this pandemic has destroyed the dance industry and we haven’t been able to open since March. Our main achievement is to make sure we can keep up with our payments to our staff and rent, enough to get us ready for when we’re able to open back up.

Egg London (@Egg_Club_London) | Twitter