Brotherly duo None Sounds bring a uniquely dynamic sound to Airfono Records with their fantastic four-track Tarim EP.

Spanish-based pair None Sounds are ethnic Uyghurs, a Turkic ethnic group native to Xinjiang, China. The duo mix up a wide spectrum of futuristic sounds and simple grooves, melding analog and modular sound systems with live instruments and modern electronic production techniques to make for profoundly deep tracks with a multidimensional sound. They have self-released much of their own music since 2015 but now land on Julien Princiaux‘s eclectic Airfono label.

Opener ‘Solid Water’ is a complex and captivating electronic house offering with tightly woven rhythms, liquid synths and watery effects. It’s high-pressure, mind-melting music from another dimension. The fantastic ‘Star Seed’ is another fulsome production with rubbery bass, scurrying synths and sonic pulses all layered up to perfection. The fast-paced track has a sense of urgency and cosmic atmosphere that never lets up. On ‘Kashgar’, the pair show another side with slow and spacious drums, mysterious pads and distant muffled voices all finished off with intoxicating eastern melodies. This most original of EPs ends with the pulsing deep techno of ‘Mad’. It’s quick, slick, and packed with cinematic designs.

These are four inventive and accomplished tracks of synth-laden electronic magic.


01 Solid Water
02 Star Seed
03 Kashgar
04 Mad