BT & Christian Burns ‘Red Lights’ Gabriel & Dresden + 86 Crush Remixes

A collaborative partnership between two such established artists, that’s now run a decade+ and produced club hit after club hit (‘Paralyzed’, ‘Suddenly’ & ‘Love Divine’ among them) was always going to garner attention. It was for just this reason then that BT held his & Christian Burns’ ‘Red Lights’ back as a single, allowing the focus to fall further on the ‘The Lost Art Of Longing’ album at large.

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A year on from the LP’s release however and ‘Red Lights’ single moment has at last arrived. And how
Swelling its talent coffers to almost indecent proportions, BT & Christian are now accompanied by the elite remixing skills of Gabriel & Dresden and highly-gifted newcomer 86 Crush for ‘Red Lights’s reworks.

Gabriel & Dresden’s remix is – as ever – a flawless coming-together of prog groove, housey drive and fathom-deep trance. Tapping effortlessly into the more soberingly soul-searching nature of Christian’s words, its drums counter the lament, while its charged sub-melodies and bass resonance spur it floor-bound.   

Remix-wise you can infer much from newcomer 86 Crush’s artist handle, as he authentically rewinds ‘Red Lights’ a decade or three. Through 808 drums, evocatively detuned piano, airwave-baiting b-lines and goosebump chime, he shoots Christian’s vocal through the Eighties prism and straight into synth-pop heaven. 

‘Red Lights’ turn green today: you can stream/purchase the Gabriel & Dresden and 86 Crush remixes of BT & Christian’s latest today, direct through this link (

01. BT & Christian Burns – Red Lights (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
02. BT & Christian Burns – Red Lights (Gabriel & Dresden Extended Remix)
03. BT & Christian Burns – Red Lights (86 Crush Remix)