‘Bury Me’ is the debut album from Stealth

Years in the making, the fast-emerging UK vocalist releases a deeply
personal body of work which explores anxiety, relationships and
searching for new horizons

Shares new music video for album track ‘Undercovers’

Stealth, the fast-emerging UK vocalist today releases his debut album, ‘Bury Me’. A body of work
which features a string of much-loved singles including ‘So So Young’ (feat. Aslove), ‘Other Lives’,
‘Black Heart’ (feat. The Dap-Kings) and more, ‘Bury Me’ is out April 9th via Ultra Records and
arrives with the new official music video for ‘Undercovers’.

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Watch Stealth – ‘Undercovers’ Here

A musical upbringing which commenced within a small village outside of Birmingham, Stealth grew
up performing Swing and covers from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in local social clubs. Heavily influenced
by the likes of Elvis Presley, Etta James, Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Guy and more, Stealth swiftly made a
name for himself as a ‘One To Watch’ artist by key UK tastemakers from BBC Radio 1 to BBC Radio
6 Music. One of his biggest releases to date being ‘Judgement Day’ has amassed over 22 million
streams and counting and premiered on US TV series Suits, instantly making him a name to watch
both sides of the Atlantic.

Continuing to build upon an already impressive discography of releases, ‘Bury Me’ is Stealth’s most
heartfelt collection of music to date. Exploring personal experiences from break ups on ‘Gotta Stop
Loving You’, social anxiety in ‘Bury Me’ and searching for new horizons on ‘So So Young’ and
‘Prisoner’, the album is a narrative of Stealth’s most significant life experiences to date.

“Coming from a small town, I felt like I always wanted to escape and that there is something bigger”
– Stealth

Blues, Soul, bright strings and hypotonic vocals are ingrained within the album’s eleven tracks.
Coupled with emotive lyrics and accompanying dark tones, the album is not only a nod to the past,
but also the present. ‘Other Lives’ and ‘Truth Is’ pay homage to positivity with ‘So So Young’ (feat.
Aslove), which arrived in March of this year, evoking memories about the carefree excitement, high
hopes and freedom of youth.

“Sometimes people make a point about the destination in life of getting somewhere and actually the
best part is the journey and the experience along the way. I wanted to write a Bonnie and Clyde
story – Imagine two young people on the run, not really knowing what they’re really running from…”
– Stealth

With the album demonstrating the vast range of Stealth’s artistry, standout track and album opener,
‘Black Heart’ features a collaboration with the legendary American funk and soul band, The DapKings. Renowned for not only their original productions, The Dap-Kings have also collaborated with
the likes of Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson.

“I had recently watched a documentary which featured The Dap-Kings. I was in Canada writing then
I went down to New York to record. Seeing the studio in Brooklyn in the documentary and then
playing there, it was the first ever writing session I have done where there was no laptop. It was like
being back in the old days. Those guys are so much fun to work with, they love music.”
– Stealth

‘Bury Me’ is out now via Ultra Records and marks Stealth’s first full body of work for 2021. With
more music forthcoming in the not-too-distant future, ‘Bury Me’ continues to reaffirm Stealth as one
the most intriguing and versatile artists on the rise

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