CAL ‘Roll the Credits’

The former front man of the band Timeflies, CAL moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2015 and engulfed himself in the artist/producer/songwriter scene. His work with some of the top writers and producers in LA has helped him find his voice as a solo act, more mature and self assured, while also very much a leading man. ‘Roll the Credits’ is the fourth single to come from his forthcoming EP, releasing this Fall on Photo Finish Records.

CAL’s been working in LA producing and writing tracks for a bunch of Tik Tok stars like Griffin Johnson, Benson Boone (1.6M), Anson Seabra + more. He’s really established himself as the “go-to” producer in that scene. 

CAL’s release “In the Water” with Quinn XCII was featured on MTV’s season finale of Siesta Key a couple weeks back, and has done over 10M streams WW (all platforms). In the Water has been used in a few big Tik Tok videos including one from Kira Kosarin (25M followers)