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Canadian Producer Conro Brings Pop-Punk to the Dancefloor With New Single Single “find u.” on Monstercat

Multifaceted Canadian producer Conro returned to Monstercat today, kicking off the New Year with his catchy pop-punk-inspired single, “find u.” Featuring vocals by Conro himself, the electric track showcases his artistic versatility as he explores a new sonic style. Drawing on formative bands from his teenage years, Conro channels his raw emotions into “find u.,” transforming them into vibrant melodies, crisp percussion, and powerful guitar riffs. Following a year of personal and artistic growth, Conro is stepping into 2022 with a fresh perspective, introducing a more vulnerable side to his project. 

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Conro shares, “I’m so excited to start the year off with “find u.” I haven’t ever been so vulnerable with my music before. I’m stoked to see how people receive it! I’m really proud of this one and hope whoever gets a chance to listen will be able to connect with it in their own way! Happy New Year!”

With his infectious, upbeat sound, Conro has become a staple in the electro-house community and a trailblazer for Monstercat’s Instinct brand. Growing up in a musical family, Conro developed a deep-rooted passion for music, which later led him to build his own studio from scratch and top the charts with singles like “Trippin,” at #7 on Billboard’s Dance Airplay Chart. Following the release of his widely-praised debut album ‘Level Days’ in 2020, he has continued to hone his natural artistic craft across dance, indie pop, and everything in between.

Conro Bio

Canada-born, Conor Patton, better known as Conro, developed a passion for music, being surrounded by a loving and supportive family with a deep-rooted passion for music. Adopting elements from his early childhood music education, Conro shaped a catchy signature sound in dance music with his upbeat, electro house tracks. 

Conro received a wave of praise from his electro house and future bass production style. With his Connecting The Dots EP, Conro unveiled the first of many chart-toppers in his future in “Close”; which hit Billboard’s Dance Airplay Chart at #17. Though this style of music has brought him plenty of success, Conro chose to follow a style that aligned with his core ethos he wanted to convey to a wider audience: a vibrant, funky, and instrumentation-driven soundscape while implementing his own impressive vocals. 

From his newly forged sound, Conro has amassed a collection of hit tracks that display his musical versatility. With the release of “Me,” Conro saw firsthand the impact of his music worldwide. His success only grew with “Take Me There” breaking way rising to #12 on Billboard’s Dance Airplay Chart, shortly followed by “Trippin” rising to #7. 

With Conro’s debut album, Level Days, set to drop May 2020, Conro expands on his signature style and sound, showcasing his versatility across genres from dance, indie pop, and everything in between. He continues to embrace all the musical influences whilst staying true and maintaining his widely loved sound.

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