Carl Cox at Red Rocks

Carl Cox has announced a special Hybrid Live show taking place in Denver, Colorado’s iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre this autumn.

The show, which will take place on 8th October, will see Cox using a variety of live hardware including drum machines and synthesisers to supplement his DJing. Speaking to DJ Mag about his Hybrid Live shows in last July’s DJ Mag North America cover story, Cox said: “It all keeps me really busy! But it’s given me a whole new feeling of energy. And DJing has gotten far too easy. You’ve a sync button, you’ve got a thing on there that can put it into key, and you can blend it beautifully, and it works. It’s art. But it can become a bit linear.”

“I still want to bring my own funk and sexiness to techno music, and I want to be the one to create it, rather than just rely on a record that I’m playing.” He added.

In December last year, the iconic DJ released his first album in over a decade, ‘Electronic Generations’, describing the LP to as, “a little bit of a window or showcase of what the sound of techno is from today’s point of view.”

Tickets for Cox’s Hybrid Live show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre are available to purchase at the factory 93 website.