Carl Cox x Sensorium Galaxy INTERMUNDIUM Full Show

Intermundium is Carl Cox’s debut virtual show in the Sensorium Galaxy.

Immerse yourself in a revolutionary 30-minute set featuring tracks exclusively written, produced and performed by the legendary artist.

Venture into PRISM, the pulsating heart of Sensorium Galaxy, its hub dedicated to electronic music, where the lines between the physical and virtual worlds blur and where Carl Cox takes on a hyper-realistic avatar form. As the tech-house beats of Carl Cox flow, every facet of this world comes to life, from erupting volcanic streams to gigantic futuristic structures of an extraterrestrial concert module, engaging both virtual inhabitants and show attendees into an endless rhythmic dance that transcends the show.

This performance isn’t just about the music – it’s a testament to the evolution of digital performances. Cutting-edge technologies have been blended to deliver the most technologically advanced and visually charged performance in the formats of 2D streaming, VR-360 and full-fledged VR.

Learn more and access to full-fledged VR format:

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