Caroline Polachek remixes her frequent collaborator A. G. Cook’s ‘Oh Yeah’ for PC Music

PC Music is proud to announce the release of “Oh Yeah (Caroline Polachek remix)”, a remix of the debut single from A. G. Cook’s acclaimed 2020 album Apple. Apple was an album driven by the notion of pure, classic songwriting, with this remix Polachek takes these ideas and applies these ideas to a widescreen, expansive remix.


Speaking on “Oh Yeah”  in 2020, Cook started “the song itself – like most pop music – is really about confidence & escapism, and how bittersweet those things can feel.” Polachek’s remix hones in on the escapism of the original, overlapping harmonies are placed onto Cook’s original melodies, with the drums shifting in tempo as the track continues to build during its runtime. 

Polachek says, “Sometimes when autotuned vocals make those flickery clusters of missed-notes, it reminds me of bagpipe ornamentation. And that place where the brutally casual and the technically virtuosic meet…well it feels very A. G. Cook. So I transcribed his hard-tuned vocal solo into this massive bagpipe line to open and close the remix.The original Oh Yeah makes a brilliant centerpiece of probably the most banal lyric ever, so for the remix I stretched and repeated it to the point that it devolves into this relentlessly sincere affirmation, oh yeah.”

2020’s Apple was a distillation of Cook’s approach to Personal Computer Music. “ I’ve always been interested in the blurred line between bedroom and professional studio production, and at what point a personality either gets created or accidentally takes shape. For me there’s a great sense of freedom in combining something slick with something naive – a reality where anything could happen. In calling the album ‘Apple’, I wanted to draw attention to one of the simplest, most everyday objects, which somehow contains references to almost everything imaginable – from computers to The Beatles, New York to Snow White, and an entire world of history and mythology. A little free advertising doesn’t hurt”

The album gathered acclaim from Zeit, Der Spiegel, Electronic Beats, The Guardian, Pitchfork, New York Times, NME, Mixmag and more. Apple was released a month after A.G. Cook’s 49 track opus debut album 7G, the same year in which Cook executive produced Charli XCX’s lockdown smash, How I’m Feeling Now and Jonsi’s Shiver.

A. G. Cook is best known as the founder and head of PC Music, and has spent recent years working in creative partnerships with artists, most notably Charli XCX, for whom he was Executive Producer on her albums How I’m Feeling Now (Mercury Prize nominated)CharliNumber 1 Angel and Pop 2He kicked off 2021 with a #1 track in Japan with production work on Hikaru Utada’s One Last Kiss, the theme song for cult series, Evangelion

Apple was the second major release under his own name in 2020, following 7G– a 49 track album which included new material and covers of songs by Blur, Taylor Swift, Charli XCX and more. Cook was awarded Variety’s Hitmakers Innovators of the Year the award alongside Charli XCX. The pair have recently made waves on TikTok with Charli XCX’s Cook produced track “Unlock It” going viral with 3 million UG videos to date.