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Charlotte de Witte double drops ‘Selected’ and ‘Pressure’ EPs

Charlotte de Witte double drops ‘Selected’ and ‘Pressure’ EPs ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

When Charlotte de Witte launched her KNTXT label in July, she said she hoped the label would “become a respected breeding ground and safe haven for unique talent, both new and established, as well as the main output for [her] own material.” By all accounts, she’s well on her way to achieving her goals with the double release of her new EPs, Selected and Pressure.

While the rhythms and forms of the each EP are similar, the tonal styles differ with vast nuance. Selected takes a more acidic approach to techno, featuring biting melodies from an ebbing and flowing synth line (with the exception of the meditative closing track “Amar”). On Pressure, de Witte employs throbbing bass kicks throughout, comparable to Selected, but tops them with more ambient accents. The balance of sounds helps the two EPs pair nicely with one another and offers a sampler for what the talented Belgian DJ, who’s proven herself behind the decks, can offer in the booth.