Chime and The Living Proof Link Up on Striking Melodic Dubstep Single “The Takeover” for Heaven Sent

Chime and The Living Proof are storming out with their new collab “The Takeover,” a high-octane dubstep single being released on SLANDER’s ever-growing Heaven Sent imprint

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The British electronic music producer Chime has been spearheading a distinct branch of dubstep that blends heavy leads with soul-stirring melodies into what he’s coined as “colour bass.” His forward-thinking sound is now being intertwined with L.A-based artist The Living Proof, as they link up on collab that catapults their respective talents to an all-time high. 

The Takeover” captures that intoxicating feeling of falling fast and hard for someone new. The experience is ecstatic yet disorienting, and it’s this overpowering dynamic that serves as the crux of their new single on Heaven Sent. It builds from moody vocals that echo out atop crescendoing pads and dreamy arps before becoming consumed by glitchy synth sequences, orchestral fills, lysergic basslines, ethereal melodies, and intense phrasing that gets the hormones working around the clock. 

The Living Proof shares his thoughts on the collab: “It was awesome to work with Harvey as he was an artist I really looked up to and had been listening to since 2017. He’s an OG and still leading the charge for melodic music in the bass music scene. We felt that Heaven Sent would be a great fit for the tune because of the strong and uplifting vocal and /melodic parts, while still having a heavier edge to it.”

Chime and The Living Proof are clearly a match made in heaven, and their new collab “The Takeover” is guaranteed to seize the hearts of melodic dubstep lovers around the world. 

Chime and The Living Proof’s new single “The Takeover” is available on all platforms via Heaven Sent.

More About Chime

Chime is Harvey Goldfinch, a music producer and DJ from Leeds, England producing bass music with a melodic twist since 2010. Chime has released with a number of notable labels within the dubstep scene such as Disciple, Circus, Monstercat, Never Say Die, Subsidia, Firepower, Ophelia, Stratos Union, Buygore, Most Addictive, NoCopyrightSounds, Pilot, UKF and his own label imprint Rushdown. Chime is known for coining the term “Colour Bass” – a categorisation of bass music that focuses on melody, emotion and vibrancy alongside the weight and aggression often associated with dubstep. The sub-genre aims to fill the void equidistant between dark and light that has largely been left vacant in the scene, drawing on the best elements of both sides and exploring the fascinating possibilities of fusing tonality with midrange bass sound design.

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