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CID & Bahary releases “Money” via Positiva/Virgin EMI

Grammy Award winning producer CID and Gossip Records’ Greg Bahary deliver their infectious rendition of The Flying Lizards 1979 hit single, ‘Money’.

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The petulant minimalism of The Flying Lizards original version appeared in 1979 just as Britain was heading into grave economic difficulties. Nearly 40 years later, little has changed.

“‘Money’ borrows much from the music of its time,” says David from The Flying Lizards. “The hi-hat sound from dub reggae (very Lee Perry, as on Junior Murvin‘s ‘Police and Thieves’) – the prepared piano of John Cage applied to a 12 bar rhythm and blues structure. The distinctive snare drum pattern, a close relation to the handclaps of The Michael Zager Band’‘Let’s All Chant’.  Absolutely fitting that the current idioms of pop music continue to be applied to it.”

The 2018 version of ‘Money’ is a clever concoction of CID & Bahary’s signature producing styles. Their remake transforms the 1979 punk classic into a catchy club anthem, ready to dominate dancefloors and festival stages over the coming months and beyond.

“For “Money”, Bahary and I got in the studio with the idea that we wanted to make something quirky and fun for the clubs.” says the American DJ. “Bahary is a sample wizard, so we started going through some ideas and when he played The Flying Lizards – “Money”, I knew we could do something super fresh with it!  The icing on the cake was that the original came out on Virgin EMI / Positiva which was a label that I’ve always wanted to work with.”

‘Money’ demonstrates the superb talents of CID and Bahary, combined with the sharp attitude of The Flying Lizards original version. Not only set to become a dance floor anthem this summer, ‘Money’ also proves that CID’s exceptional productions are here to stay as he continues to solidify himself as a timeless name in dance music.