Claude VonStroke & Nala Forge EP on Climate Change, ‘Everything Is Burning’

California is on fire, the East Coast is submerged, and Nala has something to say about it in ‘Everything Is Burning.’ Released today on DIRTYBIRD and co-written with the boss himself, Claude VonStroke, the EP weaves a cautionary tale of climate change into two moody house cuts. 


“Everything Is Burning” calls listeners to attention with a hypnotic bassline, and later bursts of 303 that awaken the senses. Nala’s haunting vocals sit at the center, recalling her experiences watching expansive fires burning LA’s mountains. Then comes the deeper “Wet State”—its percussive melodies, subtle sound effects, and rhythmic vocals create an immersive feel. The atmosphere is fitting, given the closing track was inspired by mass flooding in Nala’s college locale of Florida that she witnessed during a visit there. 

Both sides of ‘Everything Is Burning’ showcase the experimental edge that Nala brings to her productions, paired with the dancefloor sensibilities Claude VonStroke has built over 17 years as a renowned producer and label head. He’s spent the past couple of years helping his young collaborator refine her own sound, grooming her to take up the DIRTYBIRD mantle as the label’s next torchbearer. Though ‘Everything Is Burning’ carries his influence, the record is ultimately a marker of how far Nala has come in her artistic journey, and a preview of the greatness yet to come from her as she continues on her path. 

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