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“Close to Monday” Release New Single “Blue-Eyed Boy”

Emerging European band “Close To Monday” end 2021 on a high note with their new energetic track
“Blue-Eyed Boy”. 2021 was a very productive and bright year for “Close to Monday”. Their album “Interference” almost immediately entered the TOP10 of the German Alternative Charts and was there for 8 weeks in a row. Over the past five months, the band has released six remixes with significant representatives of electronic music scene:

Mollono.Bass, Ron Flatter, Dirty Doering and Biicla. A Music video “Guns” is a winner of 2 international festivals in London and Rome in “Best Dance Music Video” category.

“Blue-Eyed Boy” track is now available on all streaming platforms via

Without hesitation “Close To Monday” mixes all existing styles of electronic music in its tracks. Sometimes due to the heavy and often even dirty vibes of synthesizers that many of the band’s tracks can be attributed to alternative rock, post or pop punk. The lyrics of each track of “Close to Monday” send listeners on a whole journey, raising a new unusual topic for reflection and leaving an opportunity for each listener to understand the lyrics of the song in their own way and come to their own conclusions.

Thanks to the light sound and energetic tempo, the new “Blue-Eyed Boy” track reminds us that the band is a bright and unusual representative of the electronic dance music scene. And the lyrics of the band’s new single once again raises the topic of the uniqueness of each person, about the versatility of the very fact of his existence on Earth.